WA AE911Truth.org 2008

Where They Stand on 9/11/01:
Washington State Architects and Engineers who question the "official" story.

Engineering Principals
Name Credential Statement
Earl C. Sutherland PE and Principal Statement

Architects and Engineers residing in Washington State who are members of ae911truth.org, and who have agreed to participate in the AE 911 Truth Outreach program.

Name A&E 911 Profile and Statement
Michael Armenia Degreed Eng
Stephen Bourne Degreed & Licensed Arch
George Everett Degreed Eng
Andrew Griffith Degreed Eng
Rodger Herbst Degreed Eng
Eric Heredia Degreed Eng
Christine Johnson Degreed Eng
Chris Lyon Degreed & Licensed Eng
James Randall Degreed & Licensed Eng