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Posted 3/22/2012:


March 19 2012 Conference Call:
Four participants; one cancellation.
Some anxiety was dispelled among new participants, by pointing out that all the major 911 Truth advocates, including David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, and Richard Gage, are still active. Dozens of conference calls, involving many volunteers, occur weekly and are sponsored by Also, not mentioned on the conference call, a dozen 911Truth websites are going strong, as well as 911 truth list serves. In Washington state we have an email list serve with hundreds of subscribers focused on the issue of 911 truth.
The general topic of the state of progress in the 911 Truth movement was discussed, and it was pointed out that the issue is NOT going away, and that the public is much more receptive to our message now than at any time in the past.
Rena Patty encouraged more people to become active in the AE911Truth national organization. One way to do that is by forming local action groups or being listed as a local contact on the AE911Truth website so your neighbors who have interest can find you. She mentioned that action groups receive a 20% discount on all material purchased from the store.
She announced that the national group is working on a plan to send FAX messages to over 10,000 police stations and sheriff offices throughout the country.  In preparation for this a smaller pilot project to be launched in the next few weeks will test for effectiveness two versions of the proposed FAX.  AE911Truth is looking for volunteers to follow up on this test FAX if you volunteer, AE911Truth will send a test FAX to a police station or sheriff office nearest you, and we ask you to visit the office to inquire about what they did in response to the FAX (and engage in AE911Truth outreach conversations while you are there).  The information gathered will be used to guide choices about the content of the FAX to be sent to all 10,000 police stations.
As volunteers continue to step forward to engage in public outreach and other more specific projects the level of AE911Truth activity around the country is increasing. One example she mentioned is that a former state level prosecutor has contacted and has volunteered to take on a project of pursuing a grand jury investigation.  
By the end of the call, conversation was flowing smoothly among participants.
Another WA AE 911 Truth conference call will be scheduled in April. We and hope you can participate.