9/11: The Aircraft

This material is not intended to fit any theory.
Various peices of information are merely brought together.

11/02/07: R. A. Herbst BAAE(1969); ME(1980)with 24 years of expereicne as an aerospace flight controls and simulation engineer.
Can a Boeing 767 (or Boeing 757) fly at 500mph+ at 700 feet altitude?

WTC attack air vehicles

11/17/08: Phil Tompson
(Note: click on each of these images to expand them twice)
Frames showing anomalous air vehicle during WTC attacks

Phil Tompson: Notes on frames

11/02/07: Ace Baker
Official video of Flight 175 entering WTC2.

(Why does the airplane appear to emmerse itself in the building before "exploding"?)

Pentagon attack air vehicles

2009: Phil Thompson
The issue of a missing tail number for Flight 77 is apparently resolved

3/23/08: R.A. Herbst
Flight77 Anomalies